Liberty Center for God and Country

Legislation That Needs To Be Passed By The 2023 Texas Legislature To Stop Election Fraud

Steve Hotze, M.D., CEO, Liberty Center for God & Country

  1. The upcoming Texas Legislature should eliminate the use of computer voting machines. The computers are not secure nor are they verifiable. They can be easily hacked and the data manipulated. This is how the criminal politicians have controlled the recent elections across the nation.
  2. Early voting should be eliminated. There should be an Election Day, not an election season that gives the criminals more time to commit election fraud. Make Election Day a national holiday.
  3. The Texas Legislature should eliminate county wide voting and return to precinct voting.
  4. Ballots by mail should only be available for the disabled or for those who will be out of the county on Election Day.
  5. Voter files should be purged of the names of people who have died, illegal aliens, felons, people who have moved out of the county, people with post office addresses or vacant lot addresses, and names of “phantom voters” who do not exist.
  6. Disassociate Texas from the left wing organization, ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center, that is the epicenter of voter fraud in elections,
  7. The Texas Election Code should be strengthened by adopting Florida’s Voter Protection Bill, S.B. 524,
  8. All election fraud penalties should be increased to felony charges with mandatory jail time and monetary fines. These would apply to election officials who violate the election code as well as to the general public.
  9. The Texas Attorney General should be given full authority to prosecute election fraud.